Friday, July 3, 2015

Traveling with Pets Continued.

After our fourth trip across the country with a pet, we've come up with a couple tips.
Since we're not campers, it helps to call hotels in your target area in advance. 
This way you won't get stuck scrambling for a place to stay that is pet friendly.
Google has been great for finding hotels and motels that are pet friendly but pet friendly doesn't always mean pet accommodating.
A few hotels we found will accept pets grudgingly and will charge up to $40 for each pet.
These we try to avoid.
The last hotel had no area designated as a relief area. 
I had to walk around the building to find a small patch of grass. There was no garbage to dispose of waste either.
This was quite unacceptable and I'll be sure not to stay there again. 
We sure enjoy having our dog's company while traveling and hope to continue doing so in the future!